My name is Thomas and I have been a Defensive Driving instructor for over 2 decades. One of my major accounts allow me to teach teachers which turns out to be really fun. To get the info to the parents of kids coming into the driving age or to have kids already of the driving age means a lot. They take the class and are moved so much that they encourage their kids to take my class. The parents, usually, give me specific faults of their kids to pin point during the class because they feel the kids won’t listen to them. This is the reason why I got involved with teaching. To make a difference in peoples lives, to help inform them of the mishaps of drinking and driving, the benefits of seatbelts and airbags as well as to make them better drivers overall.
After graduation and through out the years following high school, I found myself being the designated driver a lot and being the “protector” of their decisions.  Many of times I was called to pick up a friend who had too much to drink and could not drive. I even almost got into a fist fright with a very close friend of mine who felt he could drive and would not turn over the keys.2

Ultimately, I won and got the keys. One that bothers me a lot to this day was a very attractive young girl I was friends with who worked in a bar was working one night and was drinking with my friends who showed up one night. She was putting them away pretty good right up until the last minute
that she was planning to leave. Not one of my friends there tried to stop her from driving knowing how much they saw her drink just in front of them .Well, that night she drove home in attempts to change and get to her parents other home out east and had a fatal car crash just blocks away from her home. She was driving so fast that she hit a tree and was launched so far out of the car that when she hit the ground… well, lets just say that the Police said it was good that she had her pocket book with ID in it to know who she was. Her face was totally removed from her body. My friends never told me about what happened and I had to find out about it after the funeral. They did not want me to yell or react about letting her drive knowing where I stood on this issue.  .  I have lost too many friends to the increasing nightmares of driving.  Because of this, I make myself available to all my friends who need a ride if they drink too much, My friends today are like family to me. They know they can count on me for anything as I feel the same for them.  People need to watch out for each other a little more to prevent driving drunk.

There are so many other stories that I could tell but I do add them in to my class when teaching. They are also available for discussion at anytime. Just feel free to ask. By no means and I a preacher! I am someone who takes safe driving very passionately and hates to see nice people die from making the wrong decision.   That is why my class is different.  I teach and tell about real life events. Not just from a book. This is all real stuff that has truly left its mark with me to this day and I push that emotion on to the students of my class to see that this is real on all aspects.